Maryland Makes History with 8.5 GW Offshore Wind Goal

Maryland Makes History with 8.5 GW Offshore Wind Goal

MARCH 31, 2023

US Wind joins local officials, minority business leaders, and union labor in applauding  Governor Wes Moore’s visionary offshore wind announcement 

(March 31, 2023, Baltimore, Md.) — Today, Baltimore-based US Wind, Inc. (US Wind) and other  Maryland leaders applauded Maryland Governor Wes Moore’s history-making announcement during  the 2023 International Partnering Forum in Baltimore, which gave a major boost to the state’s rapidly growing offshore wind energy industry. Under Governor Moore’s leadership, Maryland is poised to  lead on clean energy generation, offshore wind manufacturing, and jobs for the 21st century. 

“Our administration is serious about offshore wind, and Maryland is ready to lead,” said Governor Wes Moore. “We need all hands on deck in this crucial moment — so we can strengthen Maryland’s  supply chain, leverage our state’s assets, and put Marylanders to work in clean energy jobs centered  on logistics and manufacturing. If we join together in partnership, we can make Maryland the offshore  wind capital of the United States.”  

Governor Moore announced that Maryland will aim to quadruple the amount of energy produced by  offshore wind from about 2 gigawatts to 8.5 gigawatts, which is enough to power nearly three million  homes. The governor said the state has plans to significantly increase its offshore wind output and  prioritize wind energy partnerships, creating significant economic and job creation opportunities in the  state.  

“Governor Moore’s announcement is a homerun for the people of Maryland,” said Jeff Grybowski,  US Wind CEO. “He has a big and bold vision that aims to make Maryland the national leader in this  new industry and will create thousands of jobs in the process. Governor Moore is the person we need  right now to achieve a clean energy future for Maryland.” 

Local officials, minority business leaders, and union labor joined US Wind to applaud Governor Moore’s leadership in transitioning to a clean energy future.  

“Maryland can — and will be — a national leader for offshore wind and Governor Moore’s  announcement is a major win for Baltimore County as we continue transforming into a premiere hub  for renewable energy projects,” said Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski. “These projects will help combat climate change while creating hundreds of high-quality jobs in our  communities and we look forward to working with our partners at the State, US Wind, Tradepoint  Atlantic, and beyond to ensure the future of America’s green economy continues to be built — literally  — at Sparrows Point.”

“Governor Moore’s record-shattering announcement means so much to so many across the state,  especially minority owned businesses like Strum Contracting,” said Teaera Strum, CEO of Strum  Contracting Company, Inc. “Offshore wind will not only improve air quality and combat climate  change, but also uplift under-served communities while creating career opportunities and economic  vitality. Strum Contracting is thrilled for Governor Moore’s leadership and for US Wind’s commitment  to delivering offshore wind and good paying jobs to Marylanders.” 

“The Steelworkers couldn’t be happier to hear Governor Moore’s commitment to make Maryland a  leader in offshore wind manufacturing,” said Jim Strong, United Steelworkers Offshore Wind  Assistant. “Sparrows Point Steel, Maryland’s first permanent offshore wind facility, is being built on  Steelworkers’ hallowed ground at the site of the former Bethlehem Steel. Our partnership with US  Wind will create good union jobs for this new renewable energy industry right here in Baltimore County.  Governor Moore’s announcement and the work of the Maryland state legislature will position Maryland  as a leader in offshore wind manufacturing for decades to come.” 

“The future of offshore wind energy presents an incredible opportunity for minorities to get into the  energy industry and make a difference in their communities,” said Pamela Minor, president of the  Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce. “The potential of offshore wind power is  immense, with massive potential for job creation and economic growth. As we move forward in  achieving Governor Moore’s history-making goal of 8.5 gigawatts for Maryland, it is essential that we  work together to ensure that all people have access to the opportunities presented by offshore wind  energy. We’re proud to be working with US Wind on this effort.” 

“IBEW Local 24 is thrilled to hear Governor Moore’s new offshore wind goal for Maryland,” said Mike  McHale, Business Manager, Local 24. “Our partnership with US Wind is a top priority for our union.  This announcement solidifies the Governor’s commitment, along with the commitment of the Maryland  state legislature, to clean energy and union jobs in the state.” 

The governor also announced that the administration is working to establish new lease areas and  strengthen the offshore wind supply chain in the state. Meanwhile, the Maryland General Assembly is  set to pass the complimentary Promoting Offshore Wind Energy Resources (POWER) Act of 2023  (Senate Bill 0781 / House Bill 0793), which also calls for Maryland to boost its offshore wind generation  goals to 8.5 gigawatts, improve its transmission infrastructure, and provide a pathway to future  procurement of offshore wind energy in the state. 

The governor’s announcement comes on the heels of US Wind’s new partnership with Haizea Wind  Group to manage and operate Sparrows Point Steel, Maryland’s first permanent offshore wind factory  in Baltimore County, Maryland. The facility will manufacture steel components for the U.S. offshore  wind industry, including monopiles and towers, while creating hundreds of jobs for local unions and  minority businesses.